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Eye Candy Friday

It’s Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. In honor of this, tonight we will write our regrets on slips of paper and burn them in the wood stove. We will reflect and be still. We will state our intentions for the new year and we will celebrate the return of the light. And then we will feast and light candles, just as our ancestors did.

God Jul to all!

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  1. Wonderful tradition! When I was teaching, on December 22nd, I would write under the date ” Spring is Coming”. Of course my 6th graders thought I was a little strange until we talked a bit about the science regarding my statement. Then we spent the day telling everyone spring was coming. They loved it!

  2. You have a lovely tradition. There is something about this day as I feel a peacefulness in the air and a change, too. I pray it is true.

  3. While I do not have any ancestral traditions to mark this date, it is a day of joy for me and my struggle with the dark of winter. Later today, if you looked in my window you would see me doing the Snoopy ‘Happy Dance’ to mark the date. Your traditions sound more thoughtful and refined, but the important part is the sun will be back.

  4. What a wonderful tradition! Last night winter came in to IL with howling winds and a bit of snow…looking forward to the return of daylight!

  5. Nice traditions – maybe we’ll try that, too – although we don’t have a fireplace. (Flushing our regrets down the john doesn’t have the same zing.) Here’s hoping your end-of-year woes are gone by.

  6. These are wonderful traditions. The idea of writing something down and then letting go of it is especially appealing! Have a wonderful weekend and keep moving toward the light,

  7. From a favorite poem of mine:
    “Let this be the time
    we wake to life,
    like spring wakes, in the moment
    of winter solstice.”
    Good Jul! Enjoy

  8. That is a terrific tradition. My family wasn’t big on anything like that, so it is always interesting to see how other families celebrate and remember.

  9. I look forward to Winter Solstice with tremendous anticipation. I long for longer days. Your tradition is one I must remember for next year. This year? We had drinks our with friends. A gin and tonic (or two) is a fine way to welcome back the light!

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