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Eye Candy Friday

It’s so easy to take pretty photographs this time of year. There are decorations everywhere and lights everywhere and I just love having my camera to capture the beauty of the season.

Enjoy yourselves this weekend and be aware of the beauty that surrounds you.

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  1. You are so right about photo ops during the holiday season.

    Have you seen ‘holiday specs’ for sale (just Google it)? They are glasses that look like 3D glasses but when you put them on and look at Christmas lights you will see…. other things surrounding the lights. e.g. the snowflake holiday spec will show a snowflake surrounding each light…. great stocking stuffers. Plus- on Christmas eve you get to take a photo of people wearing silly glasses!

    I found mine at my local garden-center.

  2. Beautiful! I’m taking an online digital photography class through my library system, so hopefully I’ll be taking nice photos soon, too!

  3. Carole, you have a way of seeing beauty in all things. Your photography certainly is testament to that fact.

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