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Eye Candy Friday

It’s February 1st and that’s something to celebrate, my friends, because it means that January is over. So over. Enjoy these bright and sunny tulips and know that I’m enjoying myself with my girlfriends at SPA.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I am SO over January and LOVE February 1st for that reason alone. The tulips are a perfect dose to cure what ails. Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!!!

  2. There’s something about tulips that always makes me smile. I gave a friend a bunch of them earlier this week in celebration of her birthday. As for you, celebrate the weekend and enjoy every minute!

  3. Yikes! Are you missing you bike as much as I miss mine? It is three degrees outside right now—it’s starting to feel as though winter is NEVER going to be over!

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