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Words On Wednesday

For this week’s Words on Wednesday I want to show you a sign that hangs in our living room. We bought it last summer when we visited West Island – I got a flat on my bike and when we took it to the bike shop for repairs we visited a fun gift shop where we purchased this.

It is, of course, a portion of the lyrics to Hey Jude, my most favorite Beatles song.

It makes me happy.

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  1. You guys have the coolest stuff hanging in your house. Love the Beatles, and although I’d have a hard time picking my favorite song, Hey Jude is definitely in the top 10 … erm, maybe the top 20 … 30? LOL

  2. All together now!

    Na na na na-na-na-naa
    Na-na-na-naa, Hey Jude

    Love that song. Such great memories and good feelings.

  3. The Beatles are simply the best! Played the grooves off the “Meet the Beatles” album and all the wonderful music that followed!

  4. Great sign. I missed the Beattles bandwagon, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment.

  5. I love that song, but have learned the hard way that it is bad for karaoke. It is just a little too long for the other people doing karaoke to have a lot of fun.

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