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Eye Candy Friday

The other day I picked a big bouquet of peonies and I’ve been enjoying them ever since. They are blowsy and beautiful and they smell heavenly.

Thank you all for your kinds words and support yesterday. As I told anyone who commented, the procedure went fine. The doctor removed what he called a “baby polyp” and told me it was not the type that concerns them. I do have to call in a week for the biopsy results but he assured me not to worry and said to come back in 5 years. I’ll feel better once I get the final report but in the mean time I’m going to do what he said and not worry. Yup. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m sure all will be fine with your biopsy, but the waiting is the worst! Beautiful Peonies! I bought a plant this year for an expanded garden and I have 4 flowers just about to burst open 🙂 Maybe tomorrow or Sunday I’ll have a small bouquet as lovely as yours.

  2. I admit, while it wouldn’t be ‘eye candy’ it would be wordless, and I was waiting for some freaky deaky photo of the inside of your colon. They are kinda cool pictures if you don’t think about it too much. ;^)

  3. I predict a great report on the biopsy! Beautiful peonies, we should be seeing them soon ourselves. Have a wonderful weekend and stay dry!

  4. My dad has had several of those polyps removed and they were all benign, but it’s always easier breathing once you know for sure. Beautiful peonies! Mine haven’t opened yet.

  5. you PICKED peonies??!! wow, I’d love to have them growing in my garden! (especially pretty bright pink ones like those!) … sorry I wasn’t by on Thursday to wish you well (I too, have a family history and I had my first one at age 40…time for my 2nd one this year). I think your doctor gave you right advice. No worries!!

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