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Eye Candy Friday

You know my days of stepping out my back door and taking a flower photo are starting to be numbered. I’m trying not to think about it but the leaves are turning and the nights are cooler and, well, it’s coming. And so here is a pretty yellow Gerbera daisy for you to enjoy while you still can.

Enjoy the weekend, too!

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  1. It sounds like its supposed to be a bit chilly this weekend too – the first of many to come….

    Enjoy it, despite the colder weather!

  2. Well, there will be at least a brief period for stepping out the door and capturing a gorgeous leaf or two. Love fall, but it’s the part that comes after I’m less fond of.

  3. Happy Friday! That is so pretty. I just moved to an area that is supposed to get more snow that where I previously lived, so this summer-loving-girl is actually looking forward to the winter a little bit.

  4. you know, I think think just about anything you photograph just outside your backdoor could be beautiful. but yes, I do love the daisy!

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