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Eye Candy Friday

upside down zinnia for carole knits

I’ve been enjoying the bouquets from my installation all week and it’s been wonderful. Sweet and simple bouquets are scattered throughout my house and they make me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? The thought of a sweet and simple weekend! No big plans, no big parties, just hanging out with my husband and some friends doing what we do best: having fun!

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  1. Enjoy, Miss Carole! I’ll be shoe shopping with my ninth grader and hoping it will be a quick and efficient experience!

  2. Hello Carole- I stumbled across your blog while looking at fire-pits! I’m not a knitter- I did make my first hat last summer using one of those round loom things (I was so proud I wore it to church in a small village in Maine- took 52 years for me to make a hat!)
    I love your blog! Neat thing about the internet- you can meet people who you like but wouldn’t have met otherwise! Keep on blogging and running! (or at least walking if the knees get sore)

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