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Like many people these days, I have a Keurig. And let me tell you – I love this thing. I get a fresh hot cup of coffee whenever I want and – here’s the part that really matters to me – it’s consistently good. You see, before we had the Keurig, Dale made the coffee and his coffee was, well, weak most of the time. You may recall, my coffee was too strong for him. And so for years I suffered with his weak coffee.  Blech.

The purchase of the Keurig, though, meant that we could all have our favorite coffee – weak, strong, flavored, decaf – ahhhh the possibilities. The downside of the thing is that it’s pricey. And it’s also bad for the environment – all those damn plastic K cups have bound to be filling up the landfill. That’s why I was so excited when I found these Wide Awake Coffee Co. single serve cups. They have a mesh filter on the bottom and the cutest owl graphics ever – each one designed to reflect the type of coffee being brewed.

My favorite is the breakfast blend.

wide awake coffee for carole knits

And I love that after the Keurig machine punches the whole in the cup the owl gets a little O shaped mouth.

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  1. Clever! Cute! And . . . Owls! I’m really lucky, because Tom is a great coffee-maker (must be the chemist in him). He’s a bit, ummmm, shall we say particular … about grinding the beans Just So. But that’s okay with me! (I’ve actually never had a cup of coffee brewed with a Keurig.)

  2. Good to know – didn’t buy the Keurig because didn’t like all the waste. I love my coffee maker it has a timer so I always wake up to fresh coffee brewing! Love that.

  3. I’m so sheltered. I’ve never seen these biodegradable cups before. I’ve always hated the fact that I’m adding those plastic cups to the landfill. I’m an avid Keurig user (no one else in the house drinks coffee) and the idea of being able to toss those little suckers in my compost is marvelous. I ordered some SF Bay ones just now to try (different brand, same concept). Thanks for helping me save the planet ONE CUP OF COFFEE AT A TIME. 😉

  4. Look at the face on that owl…it must be eye opening coffee!! 🙂
    I’m a tea drinker myself, although I guess Keurig makes that too…

  5. Just stop it! (lol). I have managed to resist buying one of these because they are pricey. Luckily, we both like strong coffee. Weak coffee–bleach! However, everyone I know who has one loves it….

  6. Hmmm. But those cups come packaged in a heavy plastic bag for freshness, don’t they? Seems you can’t really get away from it. But maybe this is at least some improvement. I hope someone comes up with an even better solution soon, especially since Coca-cola will be jumping into the game with k-cup drinks.

    I see how these machines are really great for offices and for families like yours where people like different coffee – or for people who just have one cup a day, but we drink enough coffee that it doesn’t make any sense for us – we always make a full pot, and don’t argue over the strength. I also have a Krups espresso machine that I got as a gift – if I really just want one cup of coffee, I use that to make an Americano. It doesn’t take much longer than a k-cup, and there’s no filter or waste.

  7. I’m in the same boat… David likes his coffee weak and I prefer something strong. I make a cup and he reuses the same kcup to make his significantly weaker cup 🙂 After he adds cream, it tastes like hot water with cream to me! Yuk!

  8. My mother got a Keurig for Christmas and loves it. I am tempted to get one for the house, but also have concerns about waste, although Mom says that it is possible to buy refillable cups … have you tried them?

  9. Hannah wanted a Keurig for college, but like you, I hated the thought of all of that wasted plastic, but lo and behold we found refillable plastic K-cups at walmart. She can buy a regular bag of coffee and fill up the k-cup, just like a filter.

    Our coffee maker is getting ready to bite the bullet and I am seriously considering a Keurig now that it is only the 2 of us. I just need to convince Ken it brews fast enough for him not to have to wait too long for that second cup. 🙂

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