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Words In The Wild

Periodically yesterday I wondered what I would blog about today. It’s Wednesday, so I could easily have done a post about knitting. But right now I only have socks on the needles and well, they are unfinished socks. Meh. And also, right now, my Miss BB sweater is blocked and awaiting seaming. An unseamed sweater? Also meh. So, you know, I was contemplating. I thought a wordless post would be okay – but I don’t have any spectacular photos you haven’t seen right now. And I thought a Words in the Wild post would be okay, too, but again, no photos with words.

And then after lunch I sat down at my desk with a pile of magazines to catalog. And would you just look at the cover of the April issue of Country Living?

joy of color for carole knits

Words in the Wild, right there. And a blog post was born. How ’bout that.


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  1. Hey hey – I love when those things happen! And the thought of any color right about now sounds like heaven with all the grey out there.

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