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Eye Candy Friday

ice sphere for carole knits

While I’d sure prefer eye candy of the flower variety I’m working with what I have here on the frozen tundra – a photo of an ice sphere from when we visited the Ice Castle at Loon Mountain last month with Kim and Ken. Brrrr. But pretty, yes?

And the weekend is upon us and I’m excited that we have no social obligations, just lots of time for hanging out and relaxing and maybe even some home improvementing. Shut up. That is so a word. Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Our home improvementing projects are never ending. This week the master bedroom is half painted. It could be 3 weeks before the second (harder) half is completed.

  2. Ugh…we have so much home improvementing to do! But we are in the midst of emptying the 92 year old aunt’s apartment. The good news – I always collect dinner after! Happy Friday Carole!

  3. Oh that really is pretty. I guess we should be enjoying the snow because theoretically it will be gone soon. I’m not sure I’m buying that theory. Have a good weekend and hope you get some improvementing done!

  4. There was a thing on Pinterest on how to make those spheres…in many different colors. It is so cool looking!
    Happy Weekend!!

  5. Maybe if I used the term home improvementing, some might actually get done. I’m going to give it a try!

  6. It was cold when you came to visit and it is still so blessed frigid, but….it’s going to improve next week..w00t!

    I don’t need to tell you that home improvements is very high on our list and having our hot water heater crap out while I was at spa brought it to a whole new level…summer, where art thou?

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