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Spin-A-Thon Contest

One month ago today I posted about my commitment to the YMCA’s Spin-A-Thon. In case you’ve forgotten, you can read that original post right here.

If you’d like a quick recap, here tis: I love the Y. I am participating in a Spin-A-Thon on March 22nd to raise money for the Y. My goal is $500. Or maybe even more because I would love for it to be more.

To date, I have raised $350 and that is amazing. Several of you donated in response to my blog post last month and I appreciate that so much. Honestly, I got all verklempt at the amount of money that poured in almost immediately.

But, you know, as so often happens, the donations slowed after the first day or so. I thought to myself, how can I entice people to donate? What do I have that others might want. Hmmm.

And then, I remembered. I have yarn. And not just yarn but really good  and sort of rare yarn.

wollmeise_rhabarber for carole knits

That, my dear readers, is a skein of highly coveted Wollmeise Twin in the color Rhabarber and I am offering it as a prize for anyone who donates to my Spin-A-Thon efforts. Every $10 you donate gets you one chance to win this pretty pretty skein of yarn.  Just $10 is all I ask but, you know, if you want to donate more, then go on ahead. The more you donate, the more chances you have to win.

If you have already donated then – thank you! – and please know that you are already entered into this contest. If you haven’t donated, well, I hope this will give you the motivation to do so now.

Click here and help me reach my goal.

Thanks and good luck!

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  1. Come one people! Give! Carole’s a really good egg and she’ll put together a wonderful prize for you. Look at that yarn! What a grand prize that is! GIVE!

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