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Eye Candy Friday

pink zinnia for carole knits

My zinnias are blooming! Hooray! I just love how charming and old-fashioned they are.

We’ve got great plans for socializing this weekend and I’m excited about spending time with some close friends on Friday and Saturday night. I hope you all are doing something fun, too!

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  1. My zinnias are blooming, too. Such a delightful flower! I’m enjoying my last 24 hours with Erin at home. So much to do before she heads back to Pittsburgh. . .

  2. We had a long day at UMC Rocky Mountain Conference on a pilgramage to the Sand Creek National Monument. It is a devastating event in our history. The conference will last through Sunday morning, so we will see lots of close friends and some acquaintances that are great to see when the occasion permits. Enjoy your dear friends…see you Monday!

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