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Wordless Wednesday: Buffett Tailgating Preview

bloody marys for carole knits

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  1. What, in the name of all that’s holy, is that, that…..thing atop the drink on the right? And how did you get Ball jars with handles? I want some!

  2. Agree about the jars with handles–too cool! I was going to say that you are a woman of few words, but what’s the old saying? A picture speaks a thousand words.

  3. bloody mary’s in mason jars I recognize! the rest of those fixin’s look like Massachusetts…hope you’re gonna share details 🙂

  4. last year fall I was away for several mtnhos as I became my mother’s full-time caretaker while she was ill. And my wildlife garden finally succumbed to all of this neglect. The Norway Maple seedlings grew

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