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Vacation Reading

beach reading for carole knits

Yesterday we talked about vacation knitting and today I want to talk about that other great vacation pastime – vacation reading. You thought I was going to say vacation drinking, didn’t you? You all know me so well.

Seriously, reading on vacation is something I look forward to doing. It engages me and entertains me and I feel so accomplished when I finish a book.

Here’s what I plan on reading during our vacation:

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. I’m about 15% into this one already. It’s a little heavy for vacation reading but it’s different and I’m enjoying it very much.

Winter’s Tale. What’s better to read on the beach than a book about winter? I may or may not make it through this one. It’s okay if I don’t, though, because I’ve got one I know I will love to fall back on.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes. This is #6 in The Outlander series. I’m savoring them and don’t want to read them too quickly.

I also have a few books on hold through Overdrive. They probably won’t come in on time but if they do any of these will jump to the top of the queue since I will be borrowing them and don’t already own them.

Me Before You.

My Life in Middlemarch.

The Mockingbird Next Door.

The Winter People.

All The Light We Cannot See.

I think my vacation reading is even more ambitious than my vacation knitting!



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  1. So many of these sound wonderful! I really need to reread A Winter’s Tale! I remember so much, and it was magical. I wonder how my 60- something self will react to a book I read so long ago.

  2. Constellation of Vital Phenomena was my favorite book of last year. It’s a heavy story, but the characters have love and hope during the very worst times of their lives. The story is amazing. I also love All the Light We Cannot See, as well as, many other books on your list. Books are as necessary as knitting! xox

  3. Finally read the first of the Outlanders, then got derailed by the first episode online. But since we don’t get Starz, it’s back to the books – off to the library!

  4. Two days in a row where you aren’t boozing it up! What is the world coming to. Sounds like you’re going to have to read a book per day while on vacation. We’ll look forward to the reviews upon your return!

  5. Great list and I will check out the ones I am not familiar with. Loved Life After Life
    and the first Outlander!! Thanks for sharing your list with us!!

  6. What a lot of books! All the Light We Cannot See is on my to read list. Don’t think I know any of the others. Now you’ve given me more books to check into.

  7. I loved Me Before You! I thought it was a great audiobook, and have her newest book on my to-read/listen list. I also have All the Light We Cannot See on my list. I’m going to check out the other books on your list. You always have great suggestions.

  8. I just finished reading “The Hate List”. Teen fiction (I read a lot of that to keep up with my daughter & spark conversation). Really liked it, but it made me cry.

    And for you, a shameless plug for my cousin’s book “Gutenberg’s Apprentice” coming out late September from Harper Collins. I’m really excited to get my hands on it.

  9. Hope you have a great time. Just added a few new want to read books to my Goodreads. I read All the Light We Cannot See, very good.

  10. Vital Phenomenon is GREAT. One of my favs from last year. And All the Light We Cannot See . . . So. Good. (And I’m a total sucker for Winter’s Tale. As you know.) I always have WAY more reading than I can possibly manage. (And that’s a good thing!)

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