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Ready, Set, READ!

We interrupt our litany of graduation posts with an important and timely announcement.

Summer Book Bingo starts this weekend!

That’s right. Anne and Michael of the Books on the Nightstand podcast have once again created Bingo cards for your summer reading experience. You can go here to get your own. They say to hit refresh only once but I will admit I generated a few cards before I found one I actually liked.

And here it is:

BOTNS Book Bingo [Random!]

There are some interesting squares on there but I am up for the challenge, perhaps even a cover all!

If you play along you should know that Mary is holding a contest.

I hope you will join in. It’s a great way to read books you might not otherwise choose (hullo, set in Asia?) but it’s also pretty easy to work in stuff that you genuinely want to read. If you’re like me and you’ve got a lengthy to-be-read list in Good Reads you shouldn’t have a problem getting at least one Bingo.

Come on along and read with us this summer!

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  1. “That you’ve Pretended to have Read” hahahaha “Set in Asia” would be easy, but “Popular Science” not so much. Well, maybe I could pull off a Bingo. Maybe.

  2. I’m in, and will start reading for Bingo this weekend as I got the dreaded “At least 800 pages” square. I’m envious of your “Longer than 500 pages” and will be quite interested to see some of the books you choose.

  3. Well, if I severely cut back my Web reading I might be able to bingo. But an interesting challenge.

  4. Like Donna, I am concerned about having enough reading time. I think book clubs are great for the occasional book you would not choose on your own. Mine recently read THE VIRGINIAN. Who knew it is a classic? Anyway, I am going to check out the bingo cards.

  5. I made a BINGO card! I’ve been reading a bit more lately… maybe because I’ve been enjoying what I’ve been reading more. Anyway, I may not win but I’m looking forward to playing!

  6. I did this last year . . . and had fun “re-thinking” my summer reading. I’m looking forward to playing again.

  7. I’m so glad you’re playing along again! your card certainly has a few challenging squares…I look forward to see how you fill them. I spent a good bit of time yesterday planning out my reading and I’m ready to get started!

  8. I think I will attempt this but with a twist: all the books have to be on my bookshelf. Said shelf — well, shelves — have an awfully lot of books that I bought but haven’t gotten around to reading. Here goes!

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