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Wordless Wednesday: Cranberry Harvest

iphone cranberry photo

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  1. Awesome! I think seeing a cranberry bog (is that the right term???) in real life . . . would make me giggle!

  2. whoa! (what Kym said – and especially because I can hear that silly cranberry juice commercial in my head 😉

  3. Gorgeous! I still want to see a wet harvest. Last fall, when I did a weekend around Plymouth after a MA business trip, I visited Flax Pond Farms & saw the dry harvest in progress – learned so much about cranberries in that short visit.

  4. What a beautiful shot! Quite something to see that sea of red. You really captured the beauty.

  5. It’s harvest time! We have a friend in Halifax who is harvesting right now and is always asking us to come and check it out. It is so much work!

  6. It’s a great picture…but I can’t help remarking “Somebody dumped cranberries in my crawfish pond!” (It is very reminiscent of commercial crawfish farming. Wonder if they could co-exist? I’ve seen wild crawfish as far north as St. John’s, Ontario.)

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