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Eye Candy Friday

christmas cactus blossom for carole knits

This Christmas cactus came from the beautiful wedding of our friends Cate and Rhys last year. I can’t believe that a) I kept the thing alive and b) it somehow knew to bloom at just the right time. I love that it holds memories of a wonderful night of happiness and love that we spent with some of our dearest friends in it’s green branches. Objects that hold happy memories are the best kind of objects.

Make some happy memories this weekend, my friends.

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  1. My Christmas cactus is just beginning to bloom too! Mine is over 60 years old and once belonged to my grandmother…I can’t believe that it still blooms!

  2. Christmas cacti are so beautiful (my hot pink one is blooming now) and your photograph makes the blossom like like a beautiful tropical bird poised for flight.

    Belated comment about yesterday–sweet, sweet picture. You look like a very loving mom. I think the 80’s were the best and the worst of times style wise. Some of my favorites in the old clothes collection are from that era. On the other hand, my fine hair did not lend itslf to the big hair look!

  3. so beautiful! my sister (and my mom) have Christmas cactuses and they make it sound easy…but I’ve never tried. wishing YOU a weekend of good memories!

  4. Beautiful! My mom had one which I gifted. I sadly never got a cutting and it apparently died a few years later. Time to go out and buy one. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

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