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Eye Candy Friday (on Thursday)

cheese platter for carole knits

I put together this awesome cheese and charcuterie plate last Friday night, using the knowledge I got from the cheese tasting we attended. It was fabulous, I must say. And, in my world anyway, cheese is definitely eye candy. Truthfully, I’d rather have cheese than candy, if we’re going to take this in the literal sense.


I’m posting eye candy today because I am leaving for Freeport, ME for the annual SPA weekend this morning with Jo-Ann. Sharon is joining us tomorrow and we will be seeing loads of our friends all weekend long. This is just a long way of saying that I won’t be posting tomorrow because I will be way too busy doing the usual SPA related stuff: drinking, eating, spinning, chatting, laughing, knitting, and all-around hanging out. I will try and post on Monday but: see previous sentence and know that there may be some recovery time involved.

Have a great weekend, I am wishing all of you could be with me!

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  1. I will never see the word “charcuterie” again without thinking FAVRE & CARVE! “Charcuterie for cheeseheads.” It just makes me laugh. Darn cute (fake) website at

    Anyway, ’nuff of that.

    Have a great time at SPA!! I know you will…

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