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Eye Candy Friday

chocolate cake for carole knits

I rarely, and I mean very rarely, order dessert in a restaurant. Every once in a while, though, particularly when going through a rough time, i.e. attending a funeral luncheon, chocolate is the only thing that will satisfy. And boy did this piece of chocolate cake that I shared with my friend Anne, who has just lost her mum, taste really really good. Chocolate (and wine) really can chase the sadness away. At least for a little while.

And would you look at that – it’s Friday again. Hooray and have a great weekend!

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  1. Chocolate cake and wine do help ease the sadness of loss, even more so when shared with a sympathetic friend. My sincere condolences to Anne.

  2. My condolences to Anne, as well. Nothing like some decadent chocolate, a fine red, and good friends to get through the rough patches. Love to all.

  3. Our favorite little local place has flourless chocolate cake that is to live for and I TRY NOT to order it every time we go. Enjoy it when you can! My heart goes out to you and your friend on the loss of her dear mother. xox

  4. There are just some instances where only chocolate will do. That looks delicious! Have a great weekend Carole.

  5. that was a special time you shared…I’m sure Anne (and her mom) loved the good thoughts, and the cake!

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