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Eye Candy Friday

orange lilies for carole knits

Here’s some pretty orange daylilies for you. They are growing by my mailbox and they make me smile whenever I see them.

Speaking of smiling – it’s a holiday weekend – and I’m on vacation next week. Woo hoo! We have some day trips and fun things planned and I will check in with the blog as time allows.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, America! And Happy Weekend to all!

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  1. ooohhh, so pretty – I’d smile for the mail, too! have a ball next week…I’ll miss seeing you here, but look forward to reading all about your adventures once you’re back.

  2. Day lilies arr such troopers as flowers go–gotta love them! Happy Independence Day and have a wonderful vacation.

  3. Looking forward to reading about your fun and relaxing vacation. Ok, that’s my prediction, see if you can make an accurate one.

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