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Eye Candy Friday

Thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. Marcy said that it must have been difficult to write – and it was – but you all probably realize that I process my feelings through writing so it was actually helpful to write in spite of the emotional fall out that came with it.

Okay, let’s look at some pretty flowers!

mums for carole knits

Chrysanthemums on my deck in lots of vibrant colors. This photo was taken in the rain and that just makes them pop even more.

Speaking of rain, looks like we’re in for a rainy weekend. That’s okay, though, because if we didn’t have the rain we couldn’t appreciate the sun. Have a good one!

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  1. We really need the rain here and I’m always happy for an excuse to stay in and knit, read, and maybe even nap. Enjoy your hopefully-not-a-hurricane weekend!

  2. It’s raining in SLC, too. The ground needed a little washing and it was a little thirsty. Love your colorful pots! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

  3. Yesterday was one of those wall to wall days, bouncing from one appointment to another. So I missed one of the most moving and inspirational posts ever. What a beautiful spirit your friend is–a real lesson in grace.

    Thank you for the beautiful flowers gracing today’s post.

  4. Oh, I missed yesterday’s post until right now. I’m so sorry you and Dale are losing a friend. Your post was touching and eloquent.

  5. I don’t think a knitter ever minds a rainy weekend! Your mums are looking great… I need to update my pots. Next weekend for sure 🙂

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