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Eye Candy Friday

orchids for carole knits

I got this orchid free (long and complicated story that is not worth retelling here) a little over a month ago. It occurred to me the other day that I ought to take some photos before, you know, I kill it. Not that I have any intention of killing it but it’s an orchid and I’m me and because fate. So. Behold the pretty flowers while they last.

In other news, and I sort of can’t believe I remembered, today marks 11 years of blogging here on Carole Knits. That sounds like a very.long.time but it doesn’t feel like it at all. It’s the best long term thing project ever and I see no end in sight. In other words, I’ll keep writing and you’ll keep reading. MMmmkay?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy reading the blog and seeing your beautiful pictures. I’ll definitely keep reading!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! As I have my first cup of coffee in the morning, I always read your blog first.
    Thanks for sharing and blogging!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I don’t remember when I came across your blog, but its been a part of my morning for some time. Hope you continue for many years to come.

  4. Good news indeed, that you plan to keep on keeping on so that we all have someplace to go in the morning that’s pretty and pleasant and good to read. Thanks!

  5. Great pictures, interesting narrative, how I miss you when you take your well deserved breaks. You are a part of my morning routine also. And way more fun than the gym!!

  6. Happy Eleven Years of blogging! Thanks for the ride, the inspiration, and sharing your life with us!

  7. Orchids are very forgiving. Yours will surprise you with its longevity. That means I’ve been around for 12 years! Holy, moly…who knew we’d be the oldies of the blog world. Congratulations, grrlfriend!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary Carole! I remember searching for knitting blogs many years ago and I am glad I found yours. Thanks for beautiful photos, delicious recipes and knitting projects that have inspired me. I love your blog and I look forward each day to reading it. Here’s to many more years! ?

  9. 11 Years!! Congrats to you! And here’s to many more.

    Orchids. I enjoy them while they’re blooming — and thank goodness those blooms last a long time — but then I end up with nothing but a big leaf or two and a stick. Heh.

  10. Absolutely! The first thing I do is get my coffee and start reading. Since I’ve been reading you longest you are at the top of my list. Happy weekend.

  11. Happy Anniversary! Eleven years is longevity worth celebrating in most things, and especially in blogging. Orchids thrive on benign neglect, so water occasionally and enjoy!

  12. Happy blog-anniversary! 11 years . . . just a blink of an eye. I love orchids. (You kinda can’t kill it at this point.) (Really.) Once I got one of my orchids to re-bloom. But it was entirely luck — because I treated it the same (lazy) way I treat all my (never re-blooming) orchids. Enjoy!

  13. Happy Blogiversary! I haven’t been reading your blog all 11 yrs., but it’s been 6-7 yrs. at least. (Before that, I’m not sure I knew that knitting blogs existed!) And, as someone else has said, your blog is the first one I read every day. Glad to hear you plan to keep writing!

  14. Congrats on 11 years. I bought an Orchid for $4.99 at BJ’s yesterday. Small and with purple patterned flowers. My luck is not good with them as I killed one from Walgreens a few years ago. I took pictures yesterday as soon as I got it home so I have proof that it was pretty when I got it. Good luck with yours!

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