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Eye Candy Friday

pink and yellow tulips for carole knits

Guess what was on sale at my grocery store this week? Talk about a breath of spring! I am definitely ready.

We’ve got a mostly unplanned weekend ahead of us and I couldn’t be happier about it. Oh sure, we will watch the Super Bowl, but we’ve got no dog in this fight and that’s just fine with me. I’ll be enjoying the half time show and the commercials!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Looking out at the cold and gloomy day, I remembered it’s Friday and Carole will have some lovely picture. Was I ever right! My mom used to send me tulips in February when I was in college and it sure brightened my day, as did yours. Thanks for all the Friday pictures.

  2. Those tulips in that jug surely say spring to me. It’s snowing here this morning so I may need some flowers of my own. Happy Weekend!

  3. Lovely tulips–they always remind me of a dear friend who’s favorite flower is tulips! Having a dog in the fight is a mixed bag. You know, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Don’t suppose I can talk you into cheering for the Broncos?

  4. GORGEOUS tulips! I love them best of all in February . . . I’m hoping my grocery store has some, too. Enjoy the weekend. Bang out a sweater, would’ja? XO

  5. I read “unplanned weekend” and thought, what about the Super Bowl? I know you’ll be sharing pictures of fun, food and drink! My world is so gray. I’m going to look for tulips this weekend, too.

  6. I just bought some tulips yesterday, also…they certainly brighten up our snow day! A quick tip to prevent tulips from drooping – poke a hole through the stems with a common pin just beneath the flower heads. The hole allows air to escape and water to move up the stem. This really works…and dropping a penny into the water can’t hurt, either! Hope this keeps your beautiful flowers fresh!

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