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Eye Candy Friday

marigolds for carole knits

We planted a border of marigolds in our raised bed and they make me smile when I see them. Ordinary annuals but still vibrant and doing their job of keeping the pests away.

I hope your weekend – and garden if you have one – is pest free!

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  1. Marigolds! Flowers from my youth. Mom planted them near the front door to keep pests outside. Aside from pesky kids they seemed to work pretty well.

  2. We used to (when we had a veg garden) plant marigolds to keep root nematodes away from our tomatoes. While we were at it, they went in-between poles of green beans, too. They must have worked, because our grown daughters STILL complain about having to pick so many beans!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. With any luck we might put some plants in the garden this weekend. Marigolds are so colorful. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I have a couple of planters on my deck that are about 18″ square. During the last few summers, I have planted them with lettuce and spinach. It is surprising how many salads I can get out of just that small area. So—this year, some crazy rabbit has decided to hop up the steps to my deck every morning, and she lays in one of the planters while she nibbles the produce growing in the other. (!) I have caught her a few times when I have taken my dog out early in the morning, and she has given me the most indignant looks before she casually hopped across the deck and down the steps. I give up—I miss having a little bowl of fresh green salad with my lunch every day!

  5. I always wish I’d been the one to write Bonny’s comment… love that quotation. It’s a lovely photo, Carole! happy weekend!

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