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Saturday is Caturday

Today, because it’s Saturday and I want to prepare a post in advance, I’m participating in #caturday.

Here is my Mason in a photo taken just last week. He’s thinner than he used to be but healthy and active and incredibly loved.


I believe, if he could speak, he would say, “hand over the cheese, lady,” because my little buddy loves cheese above all else.

Have a great day and spread some love to your pets, be they cats, dogs or any other type.


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  1. When we had cats, they knew the sound of the cheese drawer opening! They would come and ‘patrol’ the kitchen floor, just in case. >^^< Enjoy your handsome kitty.

  2. Beautiful cat, and yes he’d say the same think I would do if I was there. Spent the last couple days really loving on my Sophie-pets are just the best.

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