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saturday morning for carole knits

Ahhhhhhh. It’s Saturday morning. Dale has gone off to Plymouth for the day to march in the Thanksgiving Parade with his Civil War buddies and that means I’ve got the entire day to myself.

I have plans. Plans to go to Sephora, to Macy’s, to a local specialty shop. Plans to get some Christmas shopping done. And plans to make all the pie crust for the Thanksgiving pies.

And yet.

I’m sitting here with coffee and knitting and reading and I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere at all. There’d be no harm in it, really. All that stuff? It can wait.

What are you doing with your Saturday?

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  1. I love days to myself, and they are even better when I don’t have to go any place. Coffee, knitting, and reading sounds just perfect!

  2. I too have plans. At the moment the roads are iced over and my plans appear to be staying home and knitting until they are not. Not a terrible turn of events, IMO.

  3. Ummmm. Is that a Dunkin’ Donuts mug you have there????? (Just wondering.)

    I’m just sitting here, watching the snow fall (still. . . ) and baking my gingerbread houses in preparation for next week. 🙂

  4. Well its snowing like gangbusters here In Chicagoland. I cleaned the refrig. I finished a pair of socks. Made a meatloaf. Read some blogs….Life’s good and going nowhere is just fine byme

  5. I’m having major envy! I’m knee deep in cornbread, chopping celery and onions for dressing next week. It must be done in stages to feed 31. Enjoy!

  6. Busy day, then in front of the TV for the Notre Dame-BC football game at Fenway. Not usually a football fan, but I am a legacy Notre Dame enthusiast.

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