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Saturday Sky, Vegas Style

My sky at home is full of puffy clouds, maple trees, roof lines of my neighbor’s houses, and telephone wires. At night my sky is full of stars. In Vegas, though, the sky is very different.

palm tree for carole knits
There are palm trees instead of maple trees.

caesars palace skyline for carole knits
There are mountains.

vegas skyline for carole knits
Mountains that remind me of Margene.

mirage skyline for carole knits
There are hotels. Lots and lots of hotels!

high roller for carole knits
And 550 foot tall ferris wheels.

venetian sky for carole knits
Some of the skies aren’t even real.

vegas eiffel tower for carole knits
And some of them are replicas of other famous skylines – which seems especially poignant today.

All of that makes for some very pretty skies. But still, I missed the stars.

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  1. What a difference from the expected New England sky! If they are going to paint “fake skies” they should really consider a nighttime view, complete with stars.

  2. Vegas is a world unto itself. My husband and I have never gone, because he’d rather be fly fishing. It looks like there’s been lots of change since last I was there!

  3. Is that ferris wheel new-ish? I don’t remember it at all… and it seems like I wouldn’t forget something that’s 550 feet tall!! I remember Paris, though, it was right next to Planet Hollywood where we stayed (Barry Manilow was there at the time!) (we did not see him).

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