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Sundays Are For Selfies: The Ones From Vegas

A few months ago I bought a selfie stick. I know, I know.


When it comes to taking group selfies there’s nothing better for it and it came in very handy on our trip to Vegas. Today I have a whole bunch of selfie photos to show you, all thanks to that selfie stick.

mirage selfie for carole knits
Our first selfie of the trip, taken in front of The Mirage on Saturday morning. This was right before we hit Sephora. Just sayin.

venetian selfie for carole knits
Inside The Venetian. I am not a mall person but I love it here.

shoes selfie for carole knits
Yes, I wore those shoes on Saturday night when we went to see Donny & Marie. (More on that awesome experience later.) We took a cab to The Flamingo but we walked back. I definitely get street creds for walking the strip in those heels.

pool selfie for carole knits
At the pool on Sunday. Big ass piña colada. $20 and worth every penny, particularly since it inspired Doreen to suggest we all get tattoos.

nobu selfie for carole knits
Dinner at Nobu. Hands down the best dinner of my life. Expensive? Holy crap. But an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.

shake shack selfie for carole knits
Lunch at The Shake Shack. It was all we could afford after Nobu. Nah, not really. It was on my list and the burgers were bomb.

flamingo selfie for carole knits
A selfie with flamingos at, where else? The Flamingo.

high roller selfie for carole knits
While riding the High Roller – a selfie from 550 feet in the air!

bellagio selfie for carole knits
And, finally, what is probably my favorite selfie of the trip, in front of The Bellagio with the strip behind us. This was just a few hours before we headed to the airport for our red eye flight home. It really captures our excitement – and exhaustion.

What a fantastic trip this was and what an epic way to celebrate our 50th birthdays.

I sure won’t be able to top these selfies next week!

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  1. Really? No one has commented yet. The here of you are experts at getting the most out of every minute! What fun!

  2. DH hates selfie sticks and was of course gifted one by the kids on Father’s Day. His way of getting back at them? Chasing them around the house taking photos of them with his phone perched on said new “stick”. Lol. Yeah, one’s arms are only just so long. Great photos.

  3. I’m glad you prefaced getting a selfie stick with, “I know I know”. Great pics beautifully written glad you had a great time.

  4. And a good time was had by all! Or so it seems. Thanks for selflessly sharing your escapades via selfies.

  5. Haha….I’m glad you started your post with the I know, I know too…LOL. You guys had an amazing time and I am so happy you were able to do this together. Welcome to the 50’s club. 🙂

  6. Very cool selfies, gorgeous shoes and outfit, incredible piña colada…Now I want to know if you actually got tattoos! I bet you’re saving that topic for its very own post! 😉

  7. FABULOUS! I think it’s really special that you managed that many selfies of all three of you…and those really really tall shoes. you have street cred in my book, too!

  8. Well. As much as I laugh at selfie-sticks, those are really awesome selfies! (And so much better than the goofy, distorted, fat-face selfies I take . . . without a selfie-stick. . . ) Also. The Venetian? Looks just like Venice. (Without the mildew.)

  9. If there was ever a reason for a selfie-stick you certainly found it and used it to great advantage! You get a whole lot of credit, street and otherwise, for walking that pair of shoes. You da bomb!

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