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The One Where I Met Donny Osmond

donny and marie selfie for carole knits

When I showed you all of those selfies yesterday I left this one out. It’s dark and grainy but it has significance because we took it after we saw Donny and Marie.

As I may have mentioned a time or two hundred, this trip to Vegas was a celebration of Jo-Ann and Doreen and I all turning 50 this year. Now, as women of a certain age, we all grew up being huge fans of Donny Osmond. I had his albums, I had the albums he recorded with Marie, and I watched their show faithfully. The same holds true for Jo-Ann and Doreen so, going to see their show at The Flamingo was a no-brainer.

The seats at their show are lounge style – horseshoe shaped tables, very old school Las Vegas. We were seated shortly before the show started and the usher who escorted us to our seats remarked on how beautiful we all looked. We had a nice table about half way back – it sat 7 but Jo-Ann was clever and she bought the 3 seats across the back thinking that maybe the 2 seats on either side of us would remain empty. And they did.

So. The show starts and we are enjoying it very much. Donny is as handsome as ever and Marie looks fantastic. (The shoes she was wearing? Made mine look like flats.) After about 2 0r 3 songs an usher named Bruno approached our table. It was very loud and hard to hear him but we finally realized that he was inviting us to move to a different table.

A better table.

A table directly in front of the stage.


We don’t know why we were given this opportunity (I think Bob may have had a hand in it or maybe it’s just because we all looked so beautiful) but what a fantastic upgrade it turned out to be. We were literally right in front. Donny was merely a few feet away. And at one point? He left the stage and gave us all high fives. Yes, I touched Donny Osmond. And at another point? He came and sat in our booth. Next to Doreen.


I know it’s corny and silly but this night was a dream come true that started when I was 7 years old. And I so wish I could go back and tell my 7 year old self, the little girl who sang along with Donny into her hair brush, that in 43 years, sweetheart, you’re going to see him and touch him and he’s going to look you right in the eye.

A dream come true indeed.


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  1. I still can’t believe we touched Donny Osmond! That night was truly a dream come true … and proved we can still squeal like little girls 🙂

  2. I hope Donny is reading your blog and realizes how happy he made three 50-year-old women! What a wonderful, exciting experience!

  3. (Oh, Donny. . . I had such plans for the two of us . . . )
    SO glad you such a great experience, Carole.

  4. What happens in Vegas…. Personally, I’d like to high five Bruce Springsteen. Guess he doesn’t play Vegas.

  5. oh, Carole!!!! …one more fantastic addition to your birthday celebration! I was shrieking as I read the post, just imagining the whole thing. and for once, I’m glad you didn’t share a photo…I quite like the one I envisioned 😉

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