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Eye Candy Friday


I shared this photo on Facebook yesterday and it was a big hit so of course I want to share it with all of you today. I’ll be having a slice of that pumpkin pie for breakfast, you can bet on that.

I hope your Friday is fabulous. See you tomorrow for the last Saturday of NaBloPoMo.

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  1. Ooh, pumpkin pie for breakfast, that’s a good idea. Trying to hold out until lunchtime for the requisite turkey sandwich! We were too stuffed to do a late night snack last night. In a break with tradition, we all just went to bed.

  2. I feel like that pie in the upper left must be mine, surely it’s chocolate?! And if it is acceptable to have hot chocolate for breakfast…..

  3. Your pies are the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I’ll bet you didn’t have a slice left!
    I have a couple of leftover pieces of GF pie the fridge…LUNCH!

  4. Your pies really are eye candy, and I’m sure they are delicious also. I consider myself lucky to get a regular old crust rolled out and crimped, but your gorgeous lattice and decorations really make them something special!

  5. Your pies are (or should it be were) extraordinately beautiful. Have a great day avoiding Black Friday mayhem!

  6. Carole,
    I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your pies! But I am not surprised. You have an eye for beauty, and it is evident in many of your adventures. These are just gorgeous!

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