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Eye Candy Friday

eye candy amaryllis for carole knits

You had to figure I’d hold back a shot of the amaryllis for today, right? I love this one, I have to say. It’s got that up-close-dreamy quality that I look for when photographing flowers.

I’m ready for a dreamy weekend, how about you? And oh yeah. Go Pats!

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  1. A great subject does not always equal a great photo, but it sure does here. If I squint just right I can almost see Spring!

  2. I like this color even better than the bright reds. Like Robby, I think it looks like Spring! Happy Weekend! (I hear there is some sort of football game going on?)

  3. Heresy in our household – and in the Boston Globe! Patriots fans do not care for the politics of Brady, Belichick, and Kraft! Of course, everyone is entitled to the politics of his choice, but THAT man? I thought a QB had to be relatively bright. Well, there still are commercials to be seen, and halftime. Wonder if Gaga will seize the platform to speak her mind?

  4. Dreamy is right! I really do love the variegated amaryllis blooms the best! While they are all lovely, those subtle color variations just sing. Have a great weekend . . . and enjoy your footballs! XO

  5. Wow – those colors! I will have you know that I am using these photos to shame my failed amaryllis! (Also, I woke this morning and the first thing on my mind was that next week will bring LIPSENSE!! and I can’t wait!)

    Oh, and yes GO GO GO PATS!! XOXO

  6. You know who I’ll be cheering for, but the amaryllis photo is truly stunning-would make a lovely note card.

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