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Eye Candy Friday

tree lantern for carole knits

Last week I posted a picture of  a candle and shared a quote from MLK about light driving out darkness. Commenter extraordinaire Robby said when she saw the candle that she hoped I’d be talking about hygge. So. This week (has it really only been a week? ugh) I am sharing a photo of this candle holder I got at Target. I stuck a strand of those copper wired battery operated lights in there and I turn it on every day when I get home from work. It’s pretty and it makes me happy and these days we have to take our happiness where we can find it. And, you know, it’s a very hygge thing.

I hope you find some happiness this weekend, whether you’re out and about or feeling hygge-ly at home, or a combination of the two!

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  1. Hygge for the win! And there will be light and victories along the way. They must be marked and remembered to carry us through the times they feel far away. They also help us persevere.

  2. I’m happy for any bright spots, especially if they’re literal and pretty ones. Another good thing also struck me yesterday on my walk – how much daylight we’ve gained. There was still some light at 5:40 pm! Happy weekend!

  3. Have you seen the lights like those with timers built in? You turn them on and in six hours they go off, stay off for 18 hours, and come back on at the exact time you turned them on yesterday. Magic! I got mine at Big Lots before Christmas so you might have to wait until November or October (they start earlier every year), but they have had them for the past two years.

  4. Weekend + twinkle lights = Hygge Oasis! (now add in cocktails and snacks, and you have the combination for wanting time to stand still!) Have a good weekend XOXO

  5. This week is cold and the executive orders are making me crazy upset. So, I am focusing on hygge for the next couple of day and taking a break from the insanity. Have a grand weekend.

  6. My twinkle lights are still up just because of hygge. I love your idea and now I have a reason to go to Target and look around! It’s still winter here and I need some bright. xox

  7. I have left my lights up on the mantle as it they make the room feel so cozy on these cold nights. But I have noticed that the days are getting longer – yay!!

  8. I still have fairy lights up, courtesy of an idea I “borrowed” from Margene a few years ago. They have really brightened my winter every year that I have left them up after the holidays! So I certainly understand how the light, no matter how small, can intimidate the darkness. Thanks for this, Carole. A reminder that light in any form will defeat darkness is a good one, especially now. Happy Weekending!

  9. We have a friend who puts lights in empty wine bottles. He drills a hole for the wire and attaches the battery pack to the outside. If you bring home a full bottle he’ll return it to you empty and lit
    🙂 not too bad a deal.

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