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Eye Candy Friday

Here’s a glamour shot of the tulip bouquet Dale got me for Valentine’s Day. I like them better than roses any day! In fact, I like tulips, daisies, sunflowers, daffodils and wildflowers better than roses.

You know what else is better than roses? Three day weekends! Make it a good one and I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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  1. Have a wonderful long weekend! (And I’m completely with you about the roses…and not only because they’re often the most expensive, especially for Valentine’s Day)

  2. I would never turn down roses, but a cheerful Spring bouquet is always a winner with me. I think because I so look forward to Spring, and because my folks often picked one from the garden for my birthday. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Nothing goes better with a three day weekend than a lovely bouquet of tulips! Well, maybe a cocktail, some snacks, knitting, and reading also go pretty well with a long weekend. Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy the long weekend! And . . . I love flowers of all types. Tulips, though, hold a special place in my heart. (And especially in February!)

  5. Beautiful tulips. Enjoy your long weekend!! I must be the only person around who does NOT have Monday as a holiday (boo-hiss).

  6. I prefer carnations over roses. But if I do get roses, I like the sweetheart ones in yellow… But tulips are another favorite of mine!

    Linda in VA

  7. Oh yea-I’m with you on the 3-day weekend, I have a gin cocktail and some snack to hand. Let it begin!

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