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Eye Candy Friday

I have this mason jar of tulips on my windowsill in the kitchen and when the afternoon sun hits them they open up and just glow so beautifully. It was hard to capture in a photo but I think if you look at the ones right at the top of this photo you can see what I mean. They remind me of spring and warm sunshine and I really wanted to share that with all of you today.

I hope your weekend is full of beautiful things.

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  1. Beautiful. 🙂 Like you are, I shall be spending the weekend with great girlfriends. Hotel Northampton here we come. Oh and maybe WEBS too. Here’s to it!

  2. I have a vase of tulips by my kitchen window . . . and they really do just GLOW when the sun hits them. Lovely! Have a great weekend, Carole. XO

  3. OK, that photo of the tulips in sunshine was definitely needed. We have 6″ of “snow showers” outside my window and I am not feeling the love. So, tulips will have to stand in for a ticket to a sun-kissed beach. Thanks!

  4. It’s really cold here, but your glowing tulips just warmed everything up! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  5. Have you noticed that tulips are beautiful no matter what stage their blooms are in? Closed up tight-barely opened-wide open and then drooping downward. So pretty.

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