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Eye Candy Friday

Here’s a picture of a pretty little orchid to make your Friday, well, prettier.

I’ve got some good stuff going on this weekend and I hope you do, too. Whatever comes your way, however you spend your time, may it bring you joy.

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  1. Pretty orchid and the simplicity of that shot is perfect.
    I think my weekend involves not fighting the crud. Sounds just perfect to me. Have a more adventurous weekend for me!

  2. Gorgeous! I love how long orchid flowers last and you’ve got more buds to open. You’ll have flowers for a month!

  3. Orchids are exquisite–back in the day an orchid corsage was the bee’s knees. Have a bee’s knees weekend!

  4. Orchids are such simple stunners – I love their faces! And, you have piqued my interest on your weekend plans! Hope it is fantastic! XO

  5. Can’t wait to hear what you do. We’re touring a whiskey distillery in NE Atlanta and attending the Atlanta United MLS first home game. That’ll be interesting-hope I can take my knitting inside.

  6. that photo looks like a painting – simply lovely! mid-way through my weekend now and it’s good, but I’m sure yours will be a lot more interesting 😉

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