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Eye Candy Friday

So many times when there are birds outside the window my camera is . . . somewhere else. Last Saturday, though, this little bluebird was sitting on the feeder by the kitchen window and my camera (with the long ass telephoto lens on it) was also right there. It was a spring time miracle, I can tell you that. And how cute is he?

We’re planning an adventure this weekend – hope you are, too!

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  1. Gorgeous! My big adventure will be taking all the paperwork to the accountant for taxes…but I’ll be glad to have it done!

  2. This little birdie is much cuter than the flicker that was hammering our chimney at dawn yesterday. Here’s hoping his adventures take him elsewhere! Then we can all have a happy weekend.

  3. What a treat! I wish I could attract bluebirds, but I haven’t yet been able to tempt them even with mealworms. I also wish I could take photos of the birds that do frequent my feeder, but my phone camera just doesn’t work. Clearly I need a camera with a long ass telephoto lens of my own. Thanks for sharing this great photo!

  4. Great shot! That’s some serendipity, there! I love bluebirds. I can’t seem to attract them to my yard, either — but I do see them in the woods nearby where I walk the dogs. XO

  5. what a beautiful capture! I wish I carried my camera all the time, because whenever I do not have it, that is when I see something!!

  6. I love bluebirds! I haven’t seen one in a long time. Thanks, Carole! Have a great weekend!

  7. I love birds. I saw what might have been a quail or grouse today. A bird I’ve never seen before

  8. I miss those colourful little birds of my East Coast childhood. I finished a painting this weekend of a cardinal, a bird that we don’t have here in the Pacific Northwest. Will post it soon. We’ve had a ton of Bald Eagles here recently.

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