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Eye Candy Friday

We have had lots of rain and cloudy days but the other day when it was sunny I grabbed the big camera and took photos of the crocus. I love the colors and how they stand up straight and open up when the sun is overhead but close their petals when the sun goes down. They are a beautiful harbinger of spring.

Let’s hope we all have a weekend as beautiful as those crocus, hmmmm?

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  1. Crocus are just so . . . sweet. I love them! (I also love how they spread themselves all over the garden — making even more JOY.) Have a great weekend, Carole. XO

  2. Crocus around here go kind of nuts in February and then try to charm us by peeking out from under the snow. They don’t fool me. I am however a bit concerned that all our flowering trees were in bloom last weekend and that should be about the 3rd week of April. I suppose I should enjoy the beauty while I can. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful little crocus. Ours are long gone, as are the daffodils. The tree blossoms are starting to wan, too (aided by the wind gusts today!). You have so many beautiful blossoms to look forward to!

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