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Eye Candy Friday

You know what’s a great distraction from the crap and politics and anxiety that is plaguing so many of us? Pretty flowers. I’m grateful for them every day.

I’m also grateful that it’s the weekend! We’ve got an exciting one headed our way as our oldest grandchild, Patrick, graduates from high school. I hope you’re doing something you’re excited about, too!

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  1. Honestly? We’ve got nothing planned. We’re pretty excited about it, too. It’s been a while since we had that kind of weekend. Congrats to the grad, and all who helped get him there.

  2. I love alliums – those are so pretty!
    No plans which is what I need right now. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I’ve got no plans either which is just right for me after two busy weekends. Enjoy the celebrations and congratulations to Patrick!

  4. Really . . . there is no greater thing than a garden when life just gets too overwhelming. Enjoy those blooms! And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Patrick!!!! Woo Hoo! (It’s so nice to put high school behind you.) XO

  5. I had a jamb packed week and My weekend is shaping up to be a mix of relaxing and busy. Life is good! Congrats to Patrick!!!!

  6. Yes, pretty flowers. Haircut and a Costco run and house cleaning and HOPEFULLY a bike ride

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