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Eye Candy Friday

Can you believe I still have Charleston photos I haven’t shared with you? I’m thinking I’ll talk more about our trip next week but for today, here’s another beautiful window box from that lovely city. I just love those pinks and green together. (click it and make it bigger to get the full effect)

My plans are few for this weekend and that sounds perfect right about now. Enjoy your time and see you on Monday!

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  1. I think the Charleston visitor’s board should be offering you a free visit to take photos for their media communications. You’ve certainly shown their town’s beauty in every shot.

  2. Such a gorgeous window box! Enjoy your relaxed weekend, Carole. (I’ve got one of those, too. Yay!) XO

  3. That window box was lovely in May, and I can well imagine that it’s even fuller and more beautiful now. Hooray for relaxed weekends ~ Enjoy!

  4. The flower boxes in the south are truly something to behold! I remember Martha’s Vineyard had lovely window boxes, too.

  5. Love the garden in the box. I was behind,on blog reading, but can’t resist a comment about summer plans. You have inspired me to make my own list!

  6. Wow! and no, I’m not surprised you still have photos you haven’t shared. In fact, I’ll bet you have dozens more! When I visited Paris a few years back I photographed doors. It made a very cool collage. I’m thinking your Charleston window boxes would make a similar cool display. Happy Weekend!!

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