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A Day at the Farm with the Gardeners

I love flowers and plants and I have lots of container gardens and a small perennial garden but – the truth is – I’m not much of a gardener. What I mean is – I don’t really know what I’m doing. Nevertheless, I am a member of a Facebook group called South of Boston Gardeners and a week ago Sunday the group was invited to spend the day at Just Right Farm. Dale and I, along with Dale’s brother Randy, his wife Mary, and our neighbor Kathy went and had an absolutely fabulous time.

You know you’re going to be surrounded by gorgeous flowers and plants when this arrangement is the first thing you see. Those blue hydrangeas are breathtaking.

The farm itself is organic and provides food for the farm to table dinners held at the property on Friday and Saturday nights. There are lots of vegetables growing both in the ground and in raised beds. If I’m being completely honest I’ll admit that I would have loved to snag some beets to bring home with me because fresh beets are one of my favorite garden vegetables.

There is a small peach orchard and the peaches are adorable. The blue sky behind them made the perfect backdrop for those green leaves and ripening fruit.

Of course there were loads of flowers, like this purple salvia.

And these stunning zinnias. They were so tall and lovely and I wanted to pick them all for myself!

The farm also hosts meditation and yoga events and this labyrinth is just lovely. I would have enjoyed walking the concentric circles but it was right smack in the hot sun and I didn’t do it. I think it would be perfect in the early evening, though.

One of the flower gardens has a simple water fountain along with this statue. If I lived there I would meditate there as often as possible, it’s just such a serene and peaceful setting.

Of course it wouldn’t be a farm without some animals and there were two very fun and playful goats. This lady was quite anxious to get at the kale that was about to be fed to her by a small child.

Speaking of being fed, we had a wonderful boxed lunch. Chicken salad sandwiches – and the chicken was tender and so flavorful – watermelon and delicious cookies for dessert. We shared a bottle of wine and ate sitting on the ground and it was, like everything else about the day, perfectly lovely.


I’m so looking forward to our return trip here in September to celebrate my birthday. It will be wonderful, not only to have dinner in the screen house, but also to see how the farm looks as the seasons change. Our visit definitely inspired me, not only because of the beautiful location but because of the extremely friendly and helpful people involved with this group.

Local gardeners and events are a very good thing.


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  1. I’m thinking that if you offered to trade them your fab photography skills for produce you would both likely feel like you won the deal. You really show the property to advantage.

  2. Gardeners tend to be the most giving people I’ve ever met! Sharing . . . is a big part of gardening (seeds, starts, blooms, tips, zucchini). So glad you had such a fabulous day. That garden is just beautiful! (And beets. Mmmmm.) XO

  3. Fresh beets are one of my favorite summertime foods! It looks like you have chosen a beautiful place for your birthday celebration!

  4. What a wonderful place to spend the day. I love all the photos especially the ones of the flowers. Sounds like a perfect place to spend your birthday. Looking forward to seeing the photos of that day as well.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit! Some of the aspects reminded me of our garden, but ours is not quite as organized and exquisitely kept. LOL I wish I could give you an armload of beets!

  6. I want to go live there! That garden is absolutely gorgeous; I wish mine looked one tenth as good, and all those flowers! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place with us.

  7. I read all the comments and agreed with all of them! You reminded me that I should go to Denver Botanic Gardens–this is a great time to see the gardens.

  8. Thank you, Carole, for sharing this lovely venue and beautiful day with us! I’d love to join you at that labyrinth some evening (or morning!)

  9. What a wonderful way to spend the day, can’t wait to see your birthday celebration photos!

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