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Unraveled 15/30

I spent a lot of time in the car last weekend and generally that means a lot of time knitting. However, much of our travel was at night and that made knitting difficult. And honestly, during the day I was checking out the scenery. So. Not a lot of knitting time while in the car. I did finish Hannah’s socks (I’ll share good stylized photos of those later) and I started a pair of fingerless mitts for me.

The yarn is leftover Woolen Rabbit Opal in the color Oh Ruby and it’s super soft. I’m sort of winging the pattern. I cast on 52 stitches and I knit 2×2 rib for an inch and a half and now I’m just going round and round. When I get bored I throw in a few purl rows or a YO K2tog row and then I knit round and round again. We’ll see how this works out. And yes, I do always coordinate my knitting project with a Stitched by JessaLu Bag.

On the reading front, like the knitting, I did not get a lot of time to read over the weekend. However, I’m fully into Little Fires Everywhere and really enjoying it.

Head on over to Kat’s to see what everyone else is making and reading!

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  1. That yarn! I think I must have some of that incredible color for some fingerless mitts of my own. Happy knitting and reading!

  2. Thanks for the tip about Jessalu bags. (smiling) I bought one! (sad face for too many bags. Glad face for sheep on the bag.) Also, I love the color of that yarn.

  3. I think the color of that yarn is enough to keep your fingers warm all by itself! Now, are you a good note taker when you improv knit or does everything turn out ‘fraternal’ like my work?

  4. OH, that yarn! I am a sucka for ruby/red/cranberry/maroon/burgundy/etc yarn. I need to knit a pair of fingerless mitts for dog walking soon. It is getting cold here. I cannot knit or read in the car. It gives me motion sickness.

  5. I am always amazed at how much time I can spend just looking out the window on a trip like that. I love the look of those mitts as I know that yarn is amazing!

  6. Sometimes a pause from knitting and reading is energizing! Just don’t pause too long—we’d all miss you lol! I have been reluctant to make fingerless mitts but everyone seems to like them, so it’s time to cast on.

  7. Gorgeous yarn! Opal is my favorite of all Kim’s yarns . . . and that color is perfection. I’m sad to find out that while I was away, mitt-weather arrived here. Oh, well. At least I’m prepared! XO

  8. Oh that yarn! I think your mitts are going to coordinate beautifully with your new hat! (and me, too – I love to match my project bags and projects)

  9. I found it very difficult to knit while I was enjoying the scenery of the Shenandoah Valley on the way to DC. Having a very simple sock seems to be a must for me in the car.

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