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Thinking About Peace 28/30

Peace is my One Little Word this year and it’s been on my mind a lot. I’ve found some great ways to incorporate it into my home as well as into my life, and, even though I have pretty much dropped the ball on the monthly prompts from Ali Edwards, it’s been a true experience of growth this year.

So, in that spirit, I have decided to sign up for Project Peace again. It was slightly on my radar (but not really) and then yesterday I read The Healthy’s Knitter’s blog post called Say YES to Peace and next thing I knew I was texting Kym and asking her what she was planning and then, just like a monkey on a cupcake, I was purchasing the pattern.

I’m not sure about the time frame (and whether or not I’ll stick to it) and I’m not sure what yarn I will use (but I’m sure there is something in my stash that will work) but I am sure that anything that helps me to focus on peace as a daily habit is good.

Won’t you join us on the peace train?

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  1. LOL “monkey on a cupcake” is a new phrase for me … and while I’m not planning to join the KAL, I agree that a daily peace practice sounds wonderful. and especially timely right now.

  2. Like a monkey on a cupcake, huh? I’m not smitten by the pattern, but I do like the whole peace idea. I’ve been thinking about knitting another peace cowl starting December 1st. No deadline and no pressure, but I found the perfect alpaca yarn in my stash and feeling it flowing through my fingers for even a row or two will help me to say yes to peace every day. And your peace sign is great, especially with lights!

  3. I’m planning on knitting the peace project. I love the pattern but haven’t bought my yarn yet. Off the the yarn shop today! Peace.

  4. Monkey on a cupcake. I have no idea what that means, exactly, but I think I am one, too. All aboard the Peace Train!!! XO

  5. Everyone jump upon the Peace Train! I’ll purchase the pattern but as you may recall I’ve got a Peace Cowl calling my name too! 🙂

  6. I might be boarding that Peace Train. I need to toss the stash and see what might work! XO

    P.S. Monkey on a cupcake is a new colloquial phrase for me too! But, in true Pittsburghese: Yinz, I’m in n’at. LOL

  7. Love the sign, and I had just noted in my devotional journal this morning a short prayer for peace. It is possible. There is a a Christmas song that has the verse “let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me”. If everyone had that in their hearts . . .

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