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Summer Book Bingo

I realized yesterday that I never shared my Bingo card with you!

It’s an excellent card, I must say. (And I won’t be telling you how many times I hit refresh to get it to be this excellent.)

Now. I have actually finished 3 books already but . . . I can’t decide how I want to track and keep my card updated this summer. I actually printed out this picture and I think (but I’m not absolutely sure yet) that I want to put it in my journal as a two page spread with the card on one side and a list of the books I have read for each square on the other. If I number the squares then I can write a list and match the titles up that way. The squares will also have to be colored in or something too . . . but I’m still undecided on that.

Leave it to me to quickly decide on the majority of the books I will be reading . . . and then agonize over how to keep track of them in a pretty and organized way.

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  1. That is quite an excellent card. That dilemma? You crack me up, but I think you’ve settled on an elegant solution. Is there room for any art in that scenario? That would seal it, right?

  2. Great card! I forgot all about it this year. I was planning to figure it all out Memorial Day weekend and instead I bought a car. I had bought one of the Strickmich journals in January planning to do that and haven’t opened it. I really need to take a few hours this weekend and get it going, once as I start, I will keep it up, it’s just the starting. Can’t wait to read your list of books, my want to read list gets longer after I see what you read.

  3. Great card! Summer Book Bingo is simply the best thing ever and I am certain you will figure out how you want to fill in your card!

  4. Great Card Carole!! My first card was excellent! I hit refresh a few times, but nothing as good as the first ever came up – lol

  5. The last couple of years, that’s how I tracked my bingo-books — in my journal, with a hand-written list. Then I had fun coloring the squares. 🙂

  6. You do have a good card! The first card I got is the one I’m using, I hit refresh a few times and didn’t get anything better. Have fun reading!

  7. I may have hit refresh a couple/few times myself! I tend to write a lot of info on the back of my card but am trying to be more efficient this year and here’s a thought…share my progress! 🙂 Great card Carole!

  8. It never occurred to me that this would be a complex process. Just deciding on the books is enough brain sprain.

  9. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing … but I’m in the same boat as you! My card is pinned on the fridge and I’ve shelved a few finishes as Summer Bingo 2018 … but that’s it. I would love to keep track of this year’s books in my journal. please keep me posted!

  10. Your card is fabulous! My dream card, really. I refreshed a bunch to get a card I could live with and I’m happy (but yours is better!). 🙂 Your idea for tracking sounds organized, beautiful, and colorful.

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