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Knitting and reading are two of my most favorite hobbies (journaling comes in close behind them) and today I’m joining with Kat and friends to talk about both.

I’m currently working on two knitting projects:

Socks. Very Halloween-ish stripes from Knitterly Things.

And A Walk in the Woods. I haven’t made a ton of progress but I do have this pattern section memorized (finally!) and the rows are getting long and I’m enjoying the process so much. The yarn is squooshy and wonderful and I’m taking my time with it.

Speaking of taking my time, I’m currently reading An Echo in the Bone, book number seven in the Outlander series. It’s long. It’s also wonderful. But long certainly isn’t setting me up for a quick start for Summer Book Bingo! Still, Jamie and Claire are like old friends and I always love reading about what they are doing – which is sort of how I think of them – as real people who are frozen in time.

And there you have it. What are you knitting and reading today?

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  1. It’s so wonderful to settle into a book that just feels comfortable — no matter the length! I love the blue yarn you’re using for your shawl. XO

  2. Oh, I haven’t had a Claire and Jamie fix since summer 2016 (I paused after book 4) … maybe it’s time to visit with them again! Marc is listening to Bill Bryson narrate A Walk in the Woods. He’s laughing out loud at parts and I’m looking forward to picking it up when he’s done. I didn’t realize I could be knitting it, too!

  3. I am at the point of new beginnings with both my reading and my knitting. And that can be a mixed blessing, so many possibilities!

  4. Finishing the Immortalists today and working on Watchers. Both for Bingo. I actually finished a sock this past weekend and am cruising on that baby blanket. I have book two for Claire and Jamie…maybe I should peruse my squares to see how that would fit! Love those socks Carole!

  5. I love those socks! And, how did I miss A Walk in the Woods? I can’t wait to see your walk continue! XO

  6. I like the colors of your socks and your shawl! I’m reading The Cottingley Secret which is light and charming…a good antidote to the stressful week I’ve had!

  7. Reading several books, nonfiction and fiction. Not knitting. Doing spring house chores. Not fun, but rewarding. I love that shawl yarn, Carole. I love the Outlander series as well. Diana Gabaldon describes personalities and people so well as well as place, and they are real people to me as well. I am looking forward to the next adventure, and the end of the series will be sad, but I have received so much pleasure from these books. Surely she has one or two more left in her!

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