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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Islington Shawl

This shawl. Oh, this shawl. I love it and yet it has been a long long fezzle to get to this blog post. I started it on January 1, 2017. 2017. And then I finished it in November 2017. You know when I blocked it? Last Saturday. May 19, 2018. Good grief.

It’s lovely, though, and I’m so very glad it’s done.

The pattern is Islington Shawl by Kirsten Kapur and, like all of her designs, it’s well written, fun to knit, and really beautifully designed. Seriously, her shawl patterns get me every time.

The yarn is Woolen Rabbit’s Opal in the colors Chimney Sweep and Daddy Steelbucks and to me this section looks like stars on a night sky. It looks like a very complicated stitch pattern but it was really quite entertaining and simple to execute.

All in all, it’s lovely and I’m so very glad it’s done!

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  1. That is just stunning! Although, I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole looking up “fezzle” oh boy! lol

  2. Gorgeous! Are you going to knit the mystery shawl this year? The pattern is going on sale around the first of next month and the first clue is supposed to drop around the 15th. This will be my fourth one—I never wear the shawls, but I love knitting them!

  3. I know all about those long-languishing projects… Congrats on a great finish! Kirsten’s designs are so lovely.

  4. That is indeed a beautiful shawl, no matter the timeline. I love that star section and am now off to look at the pattern. I hope you have a cool evening to wear it on the deck and enjoy its lovely warmth!

  5. Beautiful! I absolutely think you should wear it Texas style; they wear their denim skirts long, and add cowboy boots. Wait a minute: you have cowboy boots of complimentary colors. Go for it!

  6. Wow! and yay! I do love that star stitch; it’s especially pretty in the colors you chose. (and now I’m even more curious to see what this year’s mystery brings!)

  7. Beautiful! I have a pi shawl that’s been sitting in the basket for a little over 2 years waiting for me to fix the 1 dropped & loose stitch before I can block it. Good grief!

  8. Like the idea of wearing the shawl Texas style or formal style—any way you wear it, it’s gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous, Carole, no matter how long it took. I wish I could see a shot of you wearing it. All of my projects are slo-mo these days, but none of them look as lovely as this.

  10. Beautiful shawl. Knitted projects just take the time they take and blocking is my least favorite part of the process. Otherwise I enjoy it all.

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