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A Night in Plymouth

One of the things Dale and I love to do on a summer’s night is take a drive to Plymouth.

We did this last Thursday night and up there in that photo you can see a representation of all the things we did.

We started at the Mayflower Society House where they were having a pop up beer garden for Mayflower Brewery. They have a beautiful formal English garden and it was full of people drinking beer. I’m sure the Pilgrims would have approved!

From there we walked down to the harbor to see the Viking ship Draken was in town. They had tours available but we didn’t opt in for that, we just gazed from the pier, looked at the video they had of the building of the ship, and took some photos. It was pretty cool, I have to say.

By then we were hungry so we walked up a block to Anna’s Harborside Grille. We’ve been meaning to try this primarily Greek restaurant forever and I’m glad we finally did. The appetizer Tzatziki Dip Platter was fab, as was my lamb kebabs. Mr. Adventurous Eater had pizza.

Finally, we headed back to the car but couldn’t resist a stop at Ziggy’s for ice cream. I almost always get Peppermint Stick but last week I had Blueberry Pie and it was perfect for a hot summer night.

Plymouth is only about 30 minutes from us but whenever we go there it feels like a mini vacation. We enjoy the restaurants and sites and playing tourist in our own back yard!

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  1. Perfect vacation experience. See cool new things, try tasty new food and sleep in your own comfy bed without people talking out in the hall. And now, I need blueberry pie ice cream.

  2. I loved the Viking boat photos! Sometimes a mini-vacation in your own backyard is the perfect thing!

  3. FUN! I would have a hard time passing up the Peppermint Stick ice cream (because it’s sort of hard to find, and it’s a personal favorite), but I’m thinking Blueberry Pie is perfect in July! Summer evenings are so wonderful. . . (le sigh). XO

  4. Looks like a lovely night out doing all the things summer! I remember that spot, the Mayflower was there when I visited. (Is it always?)

  5. I was thinking about Thai food for dinner tonight, but it might be ice cream instead! Thanks for sharing your great Thursday night with us!

  6. Sounds like fun! I am married to an adventurous eater as well (NOT!) I think that may be a guy thing for the most part. Oh, that ice cream sounds divine!

  7. What a great little day trip. I am the non-adventurous eater in our marriage but I’ll do ice cream any time. Happy summer.

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