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Postcards from Vacation, 2018

Our family vacation on Cape Cod may be over but now the staycation begins! This week I’ll be sharing photos of our week away each day. Postcards, if you will, with just a few words or even no words, as explanation.

Friday Night: Starting vacation off right with fried dough from the local fair.

Saturday Night: Snacks at the Beach House.

Sunday morning: Dale getting ready to make his famous fried dough for breakfast.

Sunday night: The whole gang around the dinner table. That right there is what vacation is all about!

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  1. That last photo looks like a fun, eventful, pandemonium of joy and celebration, which is called vacation fun. Looks like you know how best to do vacation. Enjoy the staycation segment of your holiday!

  2. Just did a search of your archives to see if you’ve ever posted Dale’s recipe for fried dough. I’ve never seen anything like it! I’d love to hear how he makes it!

    Looks like a great vacation! Enjoy your week at home!

  3. I think you’ve found the perfect recipe for a vacation, Carole – plenty of family, good food, smiles … and a week at home to recover 🙂

  4. “The gang’s all here!” I love that… we had similar on Friday and there’s just nothing like it (now that the kids are grown and out and on their own)!

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