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Eye Candy Friday

At the beginning of the summer I put lettuce in this planter that sits on the railing by my kitchen door. It was super convenient to go out there and pick some for a salad or a sandwich but eventually it bolted (as lettuce does) and I yanked it out. I was at the nursery shortly after that and I grabbed a couple of 6 packs of cosmos figuring that they would be a nice pop of color in this spot. I came home and plopped the 6 packs in the empty container and forgot all about them. In other words, I never actually planted them. Whoops. When I did finally go to plant them the roots had grown right through the containers and they were pretty well set – I couldn’t have planted them properly without ripping the roots apart so I let them be. And clearly they aren’t any worse for it as they are blossoming and thriving.

There’s an allegory in there somewhere that relates to people and leaving them be to find their way, I think.

Here’s hoping you find your way to some fun this weekend!

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  1. I always think of Cosmos as semi-wolf flowers. Maybe the allegory is that even semi-wild people have strong roots to something. None of us is completely as we appear, are we? Happy weekend!

  2. I think the moral is that sometimes procrastination is a good thing, or at least not a bad thing. I can get behind THAT!

  3. My grandmother used to say that gardening was really just finding the spot that a plant wanted to be and it looks like you found it for the cosmos. Bloom where you are planted (or not planted, as the case may be)!

  4. I love Cosmos! Mine in the field are 3 feet by 2 feet. When they are happy they thrive! Clearly yours are loving the confines of the 6-packs. Happy Weekend to you!

  5. I had the same thing happen with some marigolds. I bought several 6 packs, planted most of them but set some aside to get to later. Later never came, but I got SO many flowers from those “leftover” plants that were simply dropped in a planter without soil.

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