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Three On Thursday

It’s just about time for our Kiwanis club’s annual Field of Flags event and today, as a shameless plug, I’m going to tell you three reasons why this is a fundraiser YOU may want to support.

  1. We place 1000 flags on our town common. 1000 flags. That’s a lot of flags, friends, and it’s a beautiful thing to see for two whole weeks. Each flag placed on the common is in memory or honor of someone special – a beloved husband or father, a courageous soldier, an honored friend. When I drive past the common I see so much more than flags – I see a community that has come together, I see the faces of soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice for us, and I see the faces of families who desperately need the services that Fisher House has to offer them. I feel a huge sense of pride every time I drive by and see them all waving in the wind. Pride in our flag but also pride in this club for organizing this event every year.
  2. We give away all of the money we raise from this event. Each flag is $10 but we also take donations in any amount and all of the money  we collect is ultimately split between our club and The Fisher House of Boston. I’ve talked about The Fisher House before but the amazing work they do really hit home for us when my father-in-law was at the VA Hospital in Boston for weeks and weeks last summer. We met people staying at The Fisher House and their praise and appreciation for that place was beyond measure. It was wonderful to hear about the great work that is done by the people who work at and volunteer at The Fisher House and know that we had a part in that due to this very special fundraiser. The money that stays in our town goes to support all of the charities we help, from scholarships for graduating seniors to our two food pantries and more. I love that this fundraiser gives us the ability to spread that money around!
  3. Dale is President of Kiwanis right now and our friend Chuck is the Chair of this event and I’d love to see it be hugely successful for them. Yes, this is pretty much a selfish reason on my part but given all the good that ultimately comes from this I think it’s okay to have one tiny selfish reason for wanting lots of donations.

If you’re inclined to make a donation (in any amount, it doesn’t have to be $10) you can do so here. Or, if you don’t want to make an online donation, leave me a comment and I’ll tell you where you can send a check. Thanks, friends.

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  1. That is a moving sight for a wonderful charity. I’m not sure it’s selfish at all when asking for donations to a helpful resource, but here’s to Dale, Chuck, you, Kiwanis, and all the people who benefit from Fisher House.

  2. What a wonderful tradition, Carole. We do a lot of that here for St. Jude children’s hospital, and the community always rallies behind it. It’s a great feeling to see a lot of people united in good works, and it feels even better to be a part of it.

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