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I’m joining with Kat and friends this week to talk about knitting and reading.

On Friday I shared this photo on Instagram. It’s a beautiful ball of Juniper Moon Farm  Moonshine in the color Popsicle. I wound it up and started knitting Thea Colman’s Appleseed Mitts. I didn’t swatch and went down a needle size because my gauge is always loose.

You know where this is going, right?

They are small. Too small for me. And, while I thought I’d just give them away, I just don’t feel right about that either because they are a bit on the stiff side. So, I’ll be unraveling and starting over on bigger needles. I may even go up a size, too. I’m reluctant to do this because I’ve already done that cuff twice now (since I didn’t read the directions and screwed up the beginning of the round) but I just have this feeling that this mitts will be great binge knitting if I can just get it right. And yes, I’ve considered that maybe this yarn and pattern just aren’t a good match.

I wish I could say let’s talk about reading with excitement but I’m currently slogging my way through Transcription. Like Kym, I must lament that it’s no Life After Life. Still, I’m intrigued enough to finish and I do enjoy Kate Atkinson’s style and I think she’s doing an excellent job of portraying just how damaged the people of England were following WWII.

And there you have it: unsuccessful knitting and unexciting reading. But, even so, knitting and reading are my favorites.

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  1. You inspire me to learn to knit better! Can crochet anything but those dang needles give me fits!

  2. Jane, try circular needles. After years of using straights, tried the circular and never looked back. Worth a try. Rose

  3. Oh my… it seems that unraveling is a thing this week. For what its worth… that yarn is so gorgeous. It looks like it would make some amazing mitts! I vote to persevere… I have a feeling it will be very worth it!


  4. I love the yarn, color, and pattern and do think that they are a good match. I think they’ll be great once you get the right needle size. And I was going to start Transcription today after a struggle with Unsheltered, but I’m re-thinking that. Here’s hoping that reading and knitting are both much better next week!

  5. I have admired these mitts since they came out. Alas, cables and I are not friends, so I’m watching with interest. Happy Halloween!

  6. Finding the right needle size will give you a great pair of mitts. Love the pattern. I liked Transcription, although it did get a little sloggy, but it is worth reading until the end. You’re right about people after WWII. Can just imagine what life would have been like?

  7. That yarn is gorgeous!

    I’m still plugging away on the baby blanket for my great-nephew. Progress has been made. Plus, I’m enjoying Three Pines!

  8. well that’s a bummer all around! I did enjoy Transcription – yeah, it’s no Life After Life, but then most books aren’t! Good luck with cuff try #3!!

  9. It’s the process, just sayin’. I love that yarn, and the pattern is very nice. You’ll figure it out.

  10. I’ve unraveled this week, too, but I did enjoy our recent book club selection, Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine & Mayhem by David Oshinsky. Lots of history of medicine and information about this NYC hospital.

  11. Sorry about the unraveling. I love the yarn and the pattern. I will be anxious to see if you think they are a good match once you settle on a needle size. Hmm – about Transcription, I have it on my list. I enjoyed Life After Life and her other title about WW2 (the name escapes me at the moment.)

  12. Looks like you waited a while before deciding too small/stiff. But not as long as I did. Last night I ripped out an almost complete beaded shawl, because I finally decided I didn’t like my yarn/bead combo. Sheesh. It was 2 am when I finished. But it was liberating.

  13. Some weeks and knits and books are just like that! I know the feeling. I have been knitting acorns all week to take a break form my sweaters with issues. And I am searchng for a new book, I just finished Asymmetry. It was good.

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